Other Forms of Energy

There are many other forms of energy in addition to natural gas from the Marcellus Shale.  In the future, the Instititute plans to develop information sharing sites for these other forms of energy also.  For now, this page will provide links to information on other sources of energy that affect northeastern Pennsylvania and or may be in the news.

United States Department of Energy


Tidal Energy Turbines

"Below the surface of America’s coastal waters could be the energy needed to power your clothes drier and other appliances. Some say the tides have the potential to power about five percent of U.S. households by producing nearly 9 GW of renewable energy."

Click here to read a blog from the Department of Energy on a pilot project to harness energy from underwater tides:




Wind Turbines

"BP Wind Energy Enters In Purchase Agreements for Proposed Mehoopany Wind Farm," a July 6, 2011 article from the Citizens Voice newspaper explains thatt BP Wind Energy has entered into agreements for a total of 105 megawatts of wind turbine produced energy for a proposed wind farm in Wyoming County




Underground Flywheels

  •  "Energy Firm Picks Hazleton Over Windy City" an article on April 7, 2011 from the Citizens Voice newspaper on the Beacon Energy Company selecting a site in the Humbolt Industrial Park in Hazleton for a site of a $53 million dollar project to build 200 underground flywheels to improve the electrical grid


Damaged Japanese Nuclear Plant

On March 11, 2011 a massive earthquake in Japan and its resulting tsunami badly damaged a nuclear power plant complex.  Electrical grid breakdowns led to cooling system failures resulting in damage to several nuclear reactor cores and spent fuel storage ponds. Efforts continue to cool the damaged reactor cores and contain radioactivity emissions.

 Gas Hydrates