Education Module

Education Module:

Utilizing HydroDesktop to Discover and Analyze Water Quality Monitoring Data from the Susquehanna River Basin Commission Remote Water Quality Monitoring Network

This project was funded by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection under Environmental Education grant number 120033.  It utilizes open source software and publically available data (via the internet) to investigate timely environmental issue in Pennsylvania.

The objective was to develop education modules that utilize the water quality monitoring data collected by the Susquehanna River Basin Commission to analyze the impacts of Marcellus Shale gas development on surface waters.  The tutorials introduce students to basic skills for data discovery and data analysis. 

The educational material presented in these tutorials is intended for students in a 2nd or 3rd year undergraduate environmental science or environmental engineering course.  The students are expected to have a basic knowledge in:

  • Water chemistry and water quality parameters
  • Basic statistical analysis of time series data
  • GIS software – data layers, using menus, navigation, etc.

The module may be downloaded by clicking here.  Instructions for downloading HydroDesktop software from the CUAHSI site are included.

The data file containing the Williamsport, PA meteorological data for Exercise 3.2.2 can be found by clicking here